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Spirent TestCenter: What does "Current Limit" means on the slot-10 psu?

  • Equipment View->Diagnostics->Power Supply Status
  • The module is up and user is not complaining of any issues. Is there any issue if it stays like this?
  • Current Limit means the power supply is trying to draw more current than it was designed for and so it limits all power to the module.
    • Some of these lowers the voltage to preserve itself from failure.
  • If the module is bad or supply is bad it could lead to more catastrophic issues to the system. 
  • Do some basic troubleshooting.
    • Pull the module out of the system that is connected to the power supply in slot 10 to see how the system responds.
      • Move it to different slot and see if problem follow module.
    • If there was no module in slot 10 to begin with then replace the power supply and observe if issue still appears.
      • If issue still appears with new power supply then there is something on the backplane that has failed. 

Product : Chassis