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Spirent TestCenter: Why Mbps rate in Results Reporter does not calculate to match the reported fps?

  • After a test, Results Reporter displays both fps and Mbps in its results.
  • Taking the Mbps and manually calculating the fps does not match what is reported.
  • TestCenter generates traffic in frames (packets). So we calculate the Mbps from the fps.
  • Looking at 64 byte packet as an example.
  • If the test finds that the DUT fps throughput is 6637716 then if we calculate the Mbps it comes out to be 4460.5 Mbps. The results reporter rounded that to 4461 Mbps.
  • The exact Mbps for 6637716 * 672 = 4460.545152 Mbps
  • If you reverse the method and use rounded Mbps (4461) to calculate the fps then you will using not calculate to 6637716. 
  • If the Results Reporter did display 4460.545152 instead of 4461 then the reverse calculation will be correct. 4460.545152 / 672 = 6637716 fps

Product : Report Generation,Spirent TestCenter,PGA,Results Reporter