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Spirent TestCenter: Do we support latency values in Latency-Jitter Mode for Detailed Streams results view?

What counter mode supports Latency and Jitter counters at the same time?
  • v4.71
  • v4.81
  • All test modules
  • Latency-Jitter Mode
  • Latency with RFC 5481 Jitter Mode
  • Latency - Jitter
  • On the older modules like CV-10G-S and MX-10G-S we have the original Latency-Jitter Mode.  For these modules we supported latency, jitter and dropped frame count in this mode.  
  • The new counter mode: Latency with RFC 5481 Jitter Mode was introduced in 4.81 release that allows latency and jitter to be collected concurrently per stream ONLY for Spirent FX3/MX3, 400G Appliance and 400G Modules
    • Since the newer modules FX3/FX2 and MX3/MX2 were designed for higher stream counts. The trade-off was a smaller number of counters for each counter mode, that was the initial reason the first counter (Latency-Jitter mode) isn't showing Lattency and Jitter on the same view)
  • Please refer to KB: SOL11740 -Spirent TestCenter: How to find the supported result counters for a specific Module?
    • So you can validate the supported counters by each test module

Product : MX3,Windows GUI,IP,MX2,FX2,FX3