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Spirent TestCenter: Why DUT doesn't forward traffic from an unknown source?

  • Two devices configured on the same Spirent port connected to a DUT port.
    • Device 1 is on same subnet as DUT port IP address.
    • Device 2 is on a different subnet but pointing to the same gateway (DUT port) as Device 1.
  • Traffic from Device 2 is dropped by the DUT.
  • The DUT needs to know that the subnet Device 2 is using is reachable from that port.
  • Basically a route to that subnet is needed before the DUT will allow traffic from this subnet to be forwarded.
  • If there is no route you can also see by enabling debug on the DUT, it will indicate the traffic that is being received is on the wrong wire.

Product : Routing,Spirent TestCenter,PGA