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REACT: Error Message 53 A: connect to hostname 6060 failed

  • React-2001
  • All Versions
1.When testing a circuit the user may come across this message as an 6060 failed errror. It may be due to the HOST entry listed is failing due to a DNS or network issue or change. 
 In the Network Element table for the TID, the HOST field can be change to HOST if needed.

2. Under Main testing bar, Select Utilities and Display test Resources.
3. Select the dropdown "Network Element".
4. Input your "Target Identifier(TID) for the circuit.
5. Select LIST.
6. On the following Screen the HOST field needs to be changed to HOST to reflect default server name instead failing hostname used and saw in error message.

7. Select "Save".
8. Retest circuit to make sure it connects without error message.
9. Done.

Product : REACT