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Spirent TestCenter, Avalanche and CyberFlood: Are there any concerns over malicious microchips embedded on motherboards?

Spirent TestCenter N11U, N4U, C1, C100, C50 chassis, STC test modules
CyberFlood & Avalanche C1, C100 (C100, C100MP, C100-S3), and CF20

These products to not contain the Supermicro motherboard mentioned in recent news articles.

Security concerns over malicious micro-chips embedded on motherboards


Spirent Communications is aware of recent news reports detailing malicious chips added to system motherboards during the manufacturing process which could compromise security.  Our initial review concludes that the Spirent products referred to above contain no such malicious elements.

We will continue to evaluate our vendors and monitor our manufacturing processes and address any issues as we find them.


Product : CyberFlood,Spirent TestCenter,Avalanche