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Spirent TestCenter: Why doesn't my module boot up in a N4U, but will boot in a N11U or N12U?

Certain Spirent TestCenter Modules may not boot up in older N4Us without a chassis NIC card upgrade.  N4U serial numbers in question are E14430288 to E15360539.
Due to a CPU sub component being discontinued and replaced with another one in certain Spirent TestCenter modules, newer versions of these modules will not boot up in some older N4U chassis. The chassis in question will need to come into the factory for a modification to allow those modules to boot. This does not impact N11U or N12U chassis. If you have a N4U in the serial number range of E14430288 to E15360539, contact support for further instructions if you have a module that will not boot. 

Product : Hardware Module,Chassis