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Velocity - How to recover from the time zone change log starving issue?

  • Velocity Versions affected 7.3.4 - 8.1.0

This issue is related to the adjustment of some time zones to the daylight saving time happened around March 8 - 9 during 2020,

Velocity will have a conflict logging every second 1 megabyte of information to the log under /data/jboss-tmp/standalone-log.


If velocity is rebooted in this state, once that it loads and shows the login page ALL logins attempts will fail even by local VSphere console or SSH, in such case you can try the steps described below:


With the next procedure is possible to clean the massive server.log files generated due a time zone change log starving issue in velocity.




Start Velocity in recovery mode:


Press enter to continue into maintenance:


Mount the /dev/sda partition into /mnt folder:

mount -rw  /dev/sda /mnt

Browse to the /mnt directory:


cd /mnt


Now all the contents of the disk are mounted in /mnt.


From here since you have access to all the regular files you can:

  • Delete logs to recover space.
  • Recover a lost password.
  • Debug velocity boot issues like the time zone change log starving issue.


Time zone change log starving issue

The logs generated during the time zone issue will be under:

cd /mnt/jboss-tmp/standalone-log/

This is a normal log list from a “du -sh *” command all the files are normally around 40M on size.

du -sh *


When the issue is present you will see huge files like in this case:



Once that the issue has been identified, you can proceed to clean the velocity processor cache with the following commands:


cd /mnt
rm -rf jboss-data jboss-tmp
cd /



To check if the partition is still mounted in /mnt  use the next command:

mount -l  



We will unmount the partition /dev/sda with the command:

umount /dev/sda

Check again if the partition was unmounted with “mount -l” command:


It is gone, now it time to reboot:



With this commands you will be able to recover velocity from the time zone change log starving issue.

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