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Spirent TestCenter: Is there a way to install firmware using the stc API

  • build 5.09
  • TCL 8.4.13 and 8.5.9
  • Yes it can be done. Here is a sample script
    • package require SpirentTestCenter

      stc::config automationoptions -logTo STDOUT
      stc::config automationoptions -logLevel INFO
      stc::config automationoptions -suppresstclerrors false

      set chassisAddr  {ipaddress of chassis}
      # Connect to a chassis
      puts "Connecting $chassisAddr"
      stc::connect $chassisAddr
      set thefirmdir "C:/Firmware/x.xx.xxxx"
      puts [stc::perform setfirmwarearchivesdir -dir $thefirmdir ]
      after 2000
        set hPChassisMan [stc::get system1 -children-physicalchassismanager]
        puts " hPChassisMan $hPChassisMan"
        set hPChassis [stc::get $hPChassisMan -children-physicalchassis]
        puts "hPChassis $hPChassis"
      # Get the handle to the physical test modules
      set moduleHandles [stc::get $hPChassisMan -children-physicaltestmodule]
      puts "moduleHandles $moduleHandles"
      puts [stc::perform InstallFirmware  -EquipmentList $moduleHandles -Version 5.09.9136 ]
      puts "it should get done soon"

Product : API,Chassis