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PosApp: Which GNSS constellations can Intentional Satellite Clock Noise (ISCN) be applied to in PosApp?

  • PosApp
    • SimGEN
    • SimREPLAYplus
The ISCN model originates from the deliberate degrading of the commercial C/A GPS signal that was part of the Selective Availability (SA) capability. The model can now be used on the below constellations to emulate a slowly varying position error of up to 100 metres:
  • GPS
  • NavIC (IRNSS)
  • Galileo (from PosApp v7.00)
  • BeiDou (from PosApp v7.00)
  • Quasi-Zenith (from PosApp v7.00)
  • CAPS  (from PosApp v7.00)
  • SBAS (from PosApp v7.00)
For more information on ISCN, visit SOL14325

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