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TTworkbench: Does the TTworkbench command line execution via Tman (sh/bat) support the Retry (Retries) functionality?

Yes! When using the console manager, the retry functionality of the clf being executed is respected. Thus, if the action-on-fail of the testcase is retry, it is re-tried to the max number of configured retries until it passes.

If the action-on-fail is to stop execution, no further testcases are executed.
If the action-on-fail is continue, execution continues with the next tescase, if any.

I addition, you can pause and unpause between testcases being executed by pressing <RETURN> on the commandline.
So, if you press <RETURN> during a testcase being executed, starting the next testcase will be delayed until <RETURN> is pressed again.

The CLF retry option (retries value) can only be setted in TTworkbench GUI.


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