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Velocity - How to delete unused custom drivers?


Velocity - How to delete unused custom drivers?

Velocity 6.x - Latest

You will find in this document how to delete unused custom drivers and the possible complications that you may encounter.
After login into velocity,
  1. You need to go to into Library > Drivers
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  2. There you will see the list of the custom drivers available for deletion.
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  3. Click on one of them and at the top right click on Remove.
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  4. Confirm the removal.
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What if the Remove button is not there?
This may indicate that the driver is being used by some resource or template, you will need to find out which resource or template is using it and remove it from there before performing the deletion of the driver.
Velocity will not allow you to delete drivers that are shipped with the system, only those custom drivers uploaded by you can be deleted.

Product : Velocity Core,Velocity Portfolio