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VisionWorks Virtual: Why does a blank browser window open when I try to pull the "Detailed Report" from an NDO test?

VW-Virtual with us-ndo pod.
Possible causes are:
  1. The us-ndo chart is missing property report.base-url from the appConfig block. 
    Entry should be setup similar to:
        base-url: https://IP address/ndo
    (Where IP address is IP Address or Hostname)
  2. The report is no longer on the NDO agent. 
    The detailed report is not saved to the VW Controller.  Instead VW provides a link to the report on the NDO agent.   The amount of time the report is available on the NDO agent is controlled by these settings on the NDO Agent.  The values shown here are the default values:
    # Number of reports to be archived before the rotation process for archived reports would take place
    # Total size of archived reports in megabytes, exceeding which will enable the rotation process
    # Interval of time in minutes after which a report can be replaced by the newer one

Product : VW Controller Virtual