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Spirent TestCenter: Does STCa - Spirent TestCenter Anywhere support Ubuntu 18 or Ubuntu 20?

  • Spirent TestCenter Anywhere
  • version 5.20
  • Ubuntu 18
  • Ubuntu 20
  • Supported Linux OS Distributions
  • There is a CR/Defect opened with our dev team to add newest Ubuntu version to STCa:
    • CR- 01489082
    • Subject: Add Ubuntu newest versions support for Spirent TestCenter Anywhere
    • Date/Time Opened: 3/23/2021
    • Date/Time Closed: PENDING
    • Target Release: 5.21 or 5.22 (To be updated)
    • Status: Open
Last update: 
A fix has been made to support Ubuntu 18 and 20 for STCa. For it to work on Ubuntu 20, it requires flex and bison packages to be installed.  We're working on getting the STCa QSG updated with the relevant information.  This fix might be in 5.21 depending on the release candidate build selected (still in-progress), but will definitely be in 5.22.  Will keep you posted.

Product : Automation,STC Virtual,Spirent TestCenter