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Spirent TestCenter - Is there any recommendation or simpler method to upgrade an STC virtual chassis in AWS/AZURE/GCP?

Spirent TestCenter
  • Virtual STC
  • Version 5.26
For now, is required to rebuild all virtual ports VMs using the build images available in Marketplace or the ones uploaded on the CSC (

A simplier method that can facilitate the upgrade, is by using the Terraform templates, the same could help users deplying a new STCv version. These templates are available on the following link:
Please find attached on this document a video example showing attaching the VM to a previously used network interface for AWS or an existing network for GCP/Azure.
  • AWS: You can detach the network interface from an existing VM and re attach to the new VM. Note you can not detach and reattach the primary interface (mgmt.).
  • GCP/Azure:  You attach the VM to an existing network.
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Video Example

Product : STC Virtual