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Spirent TestCenter: What is the recommend Ubuntu version for STC Docker installation?

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Spirent provides a container docker image named as "Spirent TestCenter Container Docker, vX.XX for Linux" which is under Virtual categories on the CSC:

The name of the files could case some sort of confusion about Linux and STCv docker image compatiblity.

However, there is no need to install any additional Linux image for STCv docker, be aware that the “STC Container Docker” will be deployed on top of Docker, refer to the mental model image below, let’s say “App A” will the Docker STCv, hence no other Linux distro needs to be installed but the STCv docker image and that is it.

The only requirement as per the Spirent TestCenter™ Container Docker Quick Start Guide (page 6) is that the Operating System (Base OS where Docker 1.8.2 is installed on top) needs a kernel version 3.10 or higher and that Host Operative System could be any of the listed on docker: under "Server" section

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