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TTworkbench: how to connect to the license server on C1/C50 or other Spirent appliance?

TTworkbench, C1/C50
In TTworkbench, over Help > License management > Install new license

Enter chassis IP into License server name or address field.
Choose manual configuration under Port configuration.
Depending on the test package installed on your C1/C50

Test package name Server port Vendor daemon port
ttwb_5.13_* 30555 30556
stc_ttwb_5.30 or higher 30225 30226

Make sure you have installed TTwb test package and activated TTwb or STC_TTwb test module profile on your C1/C50 before trying to connect to the license server.

For TTworkbench C1/C50 configuration, please refer to the first steps guide

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