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Spirent TestCenter: Why I am getting a "No firmware files were found in the selected directory" error when trying to upgrade a Spirent TestCenter chassis?

  • Spirent TestCenter Chassis
  • SPT
  • All chassis
  • All versions
  • Chassis upgrade
  • Upgrade
Errors seen:
  1. Browse button grayed out
  2. No firmware files were found in the selected directory. Check that the selected directory contains all required files
  3. Spirent LOG messages:
    1. Directory  does not contain any firmware archives/raw images
    2. Admin: Set Raw Archives Directory 1 failed with error: Directory does not contain any firmware archives/raw images.


Found out that we can not use Session Manager when doing Firmware installs, that is, if you bring up Session Manager and creates a new session and from that Session (The GUI) you can try to do the firmware upgrade, you will hit this issue.

From the image above, you can see there is an indication you are using a session from the session manager:

So, by simply launching the Spirent TestCenter application from windows start directly is the way.

Product : LabServer,Spirent TestCenter,Session Manager,Chassis