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VW Virtual Controller: Why tests with Jumbo frame sizes on sVTP show loss?

VW Virtual Controller.
sVTP at 1.03.09
VTA at 3.11
A change was made in sVTP version 1.03.09 that requires the interface on the whitebox to have its MTU size set appropriately to be able to test jumbo frame sizes.   
In sVTP versions prior 1.03.09 this MTU change was not required but changes with Netmap version in 1.03.09 now require it.
How this is completed is up to local practices.  One possible way of setting this up is by setting the MTU on the interface when spin up the VTA.  Example:  Using VW Controller - Equipment VTP - Test Agent Profile to turn up a Y.1564 VTA on Junos NFX250, setting interface ens4 with MTU size of 9200 using command:  ip link set mtu 9200 dev ens4 > /dev/null 2>&1;.


Product : VW Controller Virtual,VisionWorks VTA,VisionWorks VTP