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Velocity 8.1 Now Available!

Velocity 8.1 Release Announcement
Velocity is a key component of Spirent’s differentiated, full function Lab as a Service platform (LaaS).  Velocity ensures that lab resources are available on an automated on-demand basis. It provides actionable information on resource utilization, testing, and engineering efficiency, all critical for management and executive decision making.
Velocity 8.1 follows the Velocity 8.0 release and adds new features and functionalities. This release has Intelligent Resource Queuing which is a highly efficient resource sharing feature. It addresses reservation conflicts by queuing topologies and automatically resolves on availability. Velocity integration with iTest has produced many new capabilities.
Sales Trainings will be held Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9, 2020.

Here is a list of some salient features and benefits in Velocity 8.1 release.

Intelligent Resource Queuing Intelligent Resource Queuing provides a highly efficient just-in-time resource reservation functionality. Using this feature, users can reserve resources at the time of need, and release them once done. 
vBots This is a resource automation feature where users can perform tasks such as reboot, power up, power down, set console port access, etc. during their reservation in customer reproduction scenarios. Without vBots, users need to know what automation is applicable to each resource and would need to specify the automation target as a parameter.
Configurable Access Control​ This feature allows an admin to control user access to topologies and reservations, providing increased security, and is table stakes for allowing granular access control to resources.
More FREE Developer Resources Spirent provides the Developer Community GitHub site.  Get your projects off the ground even faster now! You’ll find Velocity drivers, dashboards, startup/teardown and triggered automation tasks.
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