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Announcing Spirent Velocity Release 8.5

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Velocity 8.5 Release:
Accelerate Automation

The pace of business is only increasing, pushing development teams for faster, more frequent releases, driving lab and test automation from a need to an absolute requirement. The challenges presented with this agile state of being, is only compounded by the fact that remote work, which was forced upon organizations from COVID-19, is likely here to stay as a permanent fixture for years to come.

The Velocity 8.5 release provides teams with greater speed, security, and productivity while further enabling remote accessibility through AWS deployment certification.

Release 8.5
Velocity New Features Increased Security and Performance: Strengthened security posture via enforcement and configuration of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), accelerated test bed start up times via improved driver agent load balancing, faster abstract test bed resolution times via reservation service optimizations.

Productivity Enhancements: Finer granularity in resource searching and filtering via “advanced search mode”, easier administration via template search, setting global search defaults, and display of resource folder details in resources, quickly determine the wait time of deferred resources by viewing resource queues within the topology editor, improved views of test bed reservations via richer displays that include end times listed in descending order

Automation Repository Improvements: Expand breadth of each source control management repo by defining multiple remotes and branches, easily create and manage Velocity Activity Catalogs via source control management (SCM) integration

Velocity Deployed on AWS: Fully certified support for AWS deployments, quickly deploy Velocity, VDS, and license services via AWS CloudFormation templates, enables companies to “Cloudify” their labs to open collaboration among their partner/supplier ecosystem
Velocity iTest New Features macOS Support: Conveniently create, debug, and update automation on the macOS desktop operating system, IT policy-compliant digitally signed and notarized installation

Graphics Diff: Quickly and intuitively compare different versions of automation with iTest’s embedded graphical user interface enabling: Git conflict resolution, code review for merge/pull requests, and comparing historic versions of automation over time

Enhanced Installer: Faster installation of iTest via streamlined installer, additional installation options available for custom preferences
Product Webpage
Software Availability The latest Velocity software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting:
General Release > iTest/Velocity
Associated technical documentation can be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.

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