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iTest Lab Optimizer: How to configure the Check-In time for users after reservation or when it is asked to check-in ?

  • Objective: Check-In feature is newly introduced in iTest Lab Optimizer (iLO) 1.4.0, wherein it indicates that the particular resources used by the User group during reservation has actually utilized the resources. This basically helps in generating "Utilization by User Report".
  • This article illustrates the steps to modify the time duration within which the user has to perform the check-in.
  • iTest Lab Optimizer 1.4.0
  • Go to iLO configure page > Application options
    • Specify the required time under "Time to check-in after reservation starts (minutes)" section for immediate reservations.
    • Specify the required time under "Time before reservation starts to notify about check-in (minutes)" section for Scheduled reservations and user will have above specified time within which the reservation has to be checked-in.
  • If the pop-up is closed without check-in, we can check-in again under the messages section.
  • In order to check-in the resources, the administrator should enable the option "Require users to check in when reservations start" while creating the user group.

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest