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TTworkbench: How to configure the Java compiler in TTworkbench?

 TTworkbench 32/64 Bit, Linux/Microsoft Windows
The Java compiler "Javac" has to be enabled in TTworkbench Windows > Preferences > TTCN-3 > Compiler > Java compiler, Enable project settings > select Interanl ... Javac (Java SDK).
Note: The same can be done for the used project via right click on the project > Properties > TTCN-3 > Compiler > Java compiler.

If the feature is gray, please close TTworkbench and modify the ttworkbench.ini file (located in the TTworkbench installation directory) with any text editor by inserting a "-vm" option BEFORE the "-vmargs" option.
The line with -vm option must point to YOUR JDK bin directory e.g.:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_200\bin


By changing the value of -Xmx, you can increase the memory assigned to TTworkbench in order to enhance the compiling performance.

Afterwards, save the ttworkbench.ini file and start TTworkbench.

Product : Installation,Misc