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Spirent TestCenter: Spirent Hardware Reference (April 2024)


This resource describes Spirent TestCenter chassis, test modules, and accessories. Includes information about module LEDs, multiple chassis connections, cables, and chassis commands. Provides basic information on system administration functions and diagnostics.

Click to open the online format of the Spirent Hardware Reference manual

Chassis Specifications
Chassis Controllers
Test Modules
LED Indicators
Chassis Connectors and Cables
External Time Reference (ETR) Connectors
Multiple Chassis Connections
Using Chassis Commands
Hot Swap
List of other available hardware user manuals

DX3, PX3, FX3, MX3, MX2, FX2, DX2

Attachment Description
Spirent Hardware Reference (April 2024)

Product : Spirent TestCenter,System Reference,Hardware Module,Chassis