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Avalanche: Can Avalanche capture a test pcap, and if so, how do I view it?

  • Avalanche Commander
    • Advanced test

Yes but only in "Advanced Test" mode (i.e., not available in the Quick or EZ Tests)

Configure your Advanced Test:

  • Select your test in Avalanche Commander
  • Select the Run/Configure tab
  • Select the "Enable Server Packet Trace" and/or "Enable Client Packet Trace" checkbox
  • The pcap file shows all packets sent and received (limits to 50MB), and can be read by many standard sniffer programs, such as Wireshark.
  • Once configured, pcaps are generated by both:
    • a Trial Run
    • or Full run

View the packet traces:

  • Click the Results tab
  • Select the test results set you had enabled packet trace for
  • Click on the (client|server)-subtest_0_core0 (or similar)
  • Double click on the .pcap file


Product : L4-7,Avalanche,TCP,IP,Packet Captures