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VisionWorks Probe: Why is test attempt failing with "CIR EXCEEDS LIMIT. RETRY LATER."?

VisionWorks Probe - all versions
This indicates that your test will cause the maximum bandwidth available by the Probe to be exceeded.  If this is a new install into an existing chassis, the probe may have the incorrect TOTALCIR and TOTALKFPS settings.  To check and correct setting:
  1. Connect to 7010 port of probe.
  2. Issue: "RTRV-ATTR-EQPT:::CTAG;"
    • Note the TOTALCIR and TOTALKFPS settings.
    • For 7531 settings are: "TOTALCIR=1000  TOTALKFPS=1489".
    • For 7521 and 7522 not optioned for 20G settings are: "TOTALCIR=10000  TOTALKFPS=14881".
    • For 7522 optioned for 20G settings are:  "TOTALCIR=20000  TOTALKFPS=29762"
    • For 7561 settings are: "TOTALCIR=100000  TOTALKFPS=148810".
  3. If you find the settings are incorrect, correct by:
  4. Stop all tests to probe including ADDR-LPBK and TWAMP-SERVER.
  5. Connect to 7010 port of probe.
    • Where xxxx is the TOTALCIR and yyyy is the TOTALKFPS for the type of probe.
  8. Issue: INIT-SYS:::CTAG::4;
  9. Done.
If the setting is correct, the problem is that the addition of your test will exceed the totals above.  FAQ18657 has information on checking the CIR and KFPS current usage.

Product : VW Controller PM Classic,VW Controller T&D Classic,VisionWorks Probe