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GNSS simulators, Positioning Application: What is the ERA-GLONASS (GOST) specification and how can I test my device against it?

  • GNSS simulators
  • Positioning Application, SimGEN, SimREPLAY+, SimTEST
Analogous to Europe’s eCall emergency vehicle assistance initiative, the Russian Federation’s ERA-GLONASS (GOST) specification outlines requirements for all In-Vehicle Systems (IVS) in transport vehicles that must be met from 2017 onwards if they are to operate within the Russian Federation or member states. Manufacturers face the challenge to design, implement and demonstrate the conformance to agreed performance standards of their ERA-GLONASS solution. Spirent Communications Positioning technologies offer a full solution to test the ERA-GLONASS (GOST) technical requirements for compatibility of IVS with the positioning services provided by the GLONASS and GPS systems as outlined in (1.). 

Spirent scenario pack for ERA-GLONASS
The scenario pack for eCall consists of 28 scenarios corresponding to the distinct tests outlined in (1.). The implementation notes for the ERA-GLONASS(GOST) scenario pack can be found at the link under Related Articles.

Automated testing 
Spirent's PNT TestBench platform offers the opportunity to fully automate the related eCall/UN-R144 tests (see FAQ18343). To discuss automation of the ERA-GLONASS tests please contact .

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