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Spirent Knowledge Base: Working with content subscriptions


One of the valuable features available to users that login to the Spirent CSC are subscriptions. Once you subscribe to content, you will get an email notification any time something you subscribe to is updated. Furthermore, the Spirent KB offers the chance to subscribe to as little or as much content as you need, and also the ability to choose entire categories of content all the way to the granularity of a single document.

  • Spirent Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC)
  1. In order to begin subscribing, verify that you are logged-in to the CSC-- we need to know who you are so we can track subscriptions and send them to the right email address (What else do you get if you sign in?). Once signed in, you will see a "Logout" link at the top right.
  2. On the left, click the Knowledge Base Tab, then under "Browse by Article Type", choose a section such as FAQs or Training. Once you're in a section, you'll see "Categories".
  3. Once you've selected an Article Type and Category that you'd like to keep track of, click Subscribe. The button will change to "Unsubscribe" to let you know that you're subscribed. This is also where you will go to stop the subscription.
  4. You can also subscribe to a single article and get notifications any time that article is updated:
  5. Subscriptions will start arriving into your inbox. They'll come from and here's what they'll look like:

Please note that subscriptions are permanent until you cancel them. To cancel a subscription, navigate to what you want to unsubscribe and click "Unsubscribe". The Subscription email will tell you where you subscribed so you can go and unsubscribe.

Product : CSC,KB