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Spirent Customer Service Center: How do I open a Support Case (Service Request) with Spirent Communications?


While we hope your use of Spirent products is positive and productive, issues, unexpected behaviors or questions may arise. We do recommend searching the Spirent Knowledge Base on the CSC for answers to start with-- it contains tens of thousands of articles for every product in Spirent all hand-authored with answers based on real questions asked by our customers. A few minutes on the CSC can save hours or even days of effort.

If you need to open a support case, we recommend using the Spirent Customer Service Center. Since you're already on the Spirent Customer Service Center reading this article, we recommend clicking "New Support Case" at the top of the screen:

If you don't see a 'New Support Case' link, it's because you're not signed in to the CSC or you're signed-in with a user that doesn't yet have permission to open cases with Spirent (learn more about signing up for increased CSC access). If you're not signed-in, click the 'Home' icon on the left, then enter your login credentials.

Alternative ways to open SRs:

  • Call Spirent Support Services during business hours using the phone numbers listed here.
  • Send an email to with a detailed description of your issue. Please include the name of the Spirent product you're using. You will also need your product serial number to verify support contract status, so it's best to also include that in the initial email.
    • This approach will automatically create a case
    • Please ensure your email does not include a "ref:_...:ref" string (for example, if you are forwarding/replying to a previous SR-related email) as this will attach your email to the previous SR and not create a new SR
    • Finally, note that we are planning to retire using emails to open a support case with Spirent. Note that this is only pertaining to OPENING a new case, not for back and forth communication after the case is opened.


A reminder that opening Service Requests is only available to customers with a current support entitlement/contract. If you need to start up or renew a contract, contact your local Spirent representative.

If you have a current support contract but have not opened an account on the CSC, we have these instructions to create a new Spirent CSC User Account.

The Spirent CSC also allows you to manage the current SRs you have with Spirent Support Services.